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Open Member Quote   Back a couple of years ago when I first found this forum I read and read other's problems and learned a bit. Then suddenly one day I had problems and turned to Cyber Tech Help for assistance and my problems were solved. Since then I have kept a number of programs on my them frequently and keep them updated. During this time its nearly as if spyware, virus and other nasties were never developed. My point is simply this follow the advise you get deligent in using what is suggested and the internet will be a much nicer place. Its only when I see a friend's computer who doesn't use any "protection" that I remember there were such things as pop ups. Thank you Cyber Tech Help - Webster  Close Member Quote
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Cyber Tech Help Subscriptions


Cyber Tech Help is now offering a Subscriber system which will enable members to gain access to some bonus features on the Cyber Tech Help website. Becoming a CTH Subscriber is completely optional.

Why are you offering this now ? 

As Cyber Tech Help grows, so do the server bills I'm afraid. We want to keep the CTH Support Forums ad-free! but because CTH is provides help for free, all the bills have to be paid by someone out of their own pocket. Help keep CTH free and fast!

What do you get ? 

  • Bannerless viewing of the entire Cyber Tech Help website
  • Ability to use custom avatars on the Support Forums
  • Ability to have custom user-title on the Support Forums (after becoming a subscriber will be changed automatically to "CTH Subscriber")
  • Ability to post attachments to your threads and posts on the Support Forums
  • Far larger PM inboxes on the Support Forums
  • Subscribers I hope will also like the fact that they can donate to keep a free support resource live

What you don't get 

CTH was created to enable computer users to interact, and share their computing knowledge with each other for free. By becoming a CTH Subscriber you will not get priority support. This would be against the websites ethics. At CTH EVERY member gets priority!

How much ? 

USD $5.00 per year

How do I become a CTH Subsciber ? 

Become a CTH Subscriber  Become a CTH Subscriber

Select how many years you would like to subscribe for. You will then be taken to a CTH customised PayPal page. This will enable you to purchase your subscription securely. The introduction of other payment methods is currently under development.

What payment processors do you use ? 

Currently Cyber Tech Help uses Paypal, however more payment processors will be added in the future.

Help I'm having problems! 

Please contact CTH Website Support using our contact form. Please remember to be as detailed as possible with any issues you're experiencing with the Subscription Process.

To conclude 

Finally, as mentioned above, becoming a CTH Subscriber is completely optional! Every Support Forum function you are currently using will remain as is. A subscriber gains only bonus features, and the knowledge that they have contributed to keeping the Support Forums running fast, and free.

Update - 20/08/2008 

When on non-forum pages CTH uses a search facility provided by Google. It is not possible currently for the adverts displayed when using this search to be hidden for CTH Subscribers. However, all other ads throughout the rest of the site are still removed from view.