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Old June 11th, 2008, 06:37 PM
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Share won't mount properly on any client

OK, so on my main computer running Vista I have some backup software that was set up to write backup archives to my file server. It was set up to write to it via a mounted share on the local system, Y:. For some reason it stopped working, and in the program when browsing it could not see any directories under Y:, it could not see anything under the servername (Cyan) via Network Neighborhood, whatever it is called in Vista now, aswell. Wierd, I'll try just the full UNC, nope it still died. During this I could browse through the mounted drive Y: in explorer with no problems.

I rebooted, then Y: asked for a password....it never did before. Then it kept saying my password was wrong, it was not. After a while it finially mounted properly, but the backup software worked a few times, then went back to doing what it was doing before, not being able to see directories under Y:.

Now yesterday I rebooted again, and guess what....Y: wants a password, and won't accept the correct password.....again, and using the UNC in start - run, then entering the username and password also says it is the wrong password, as does using the net use command.

Similar things to this are happening with a 2000 Pro virtual machine as well, so this is not a problem with a client it seems.

My server runs Windows Server 2003, I am absolutely sure all share and NTFS permissions are correct, I have checked them over and over again, I have reset the password on the account I was using to mount Y: and made sure it was set so the password never expires.

So what the hell is wrong? Why did this stop working suddenly?
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Old July 3rd, 2008, 11:32 PM
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Have you tried to Map the drive and select the username option. And in the username format use servername\username and then the pwd for that account eg cyan\administrator turnip (good guess?)

I find the windows firewall conflicts a fair bit with file sharing.

Im still unravelling the mysteries of vista at the moment, so let me know how you do mate.

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