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Old April 30th, 2005, 12:17 AM
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Thumbs down Computer doesn't start - no beeps, black screen


My computer just slowly started to shut down, until one day it just didn't start anymore. I press the power button and the light comes on, Fans turn on, but it remains at the black screen. No beeps occure either (which makes me think it isn't a video card problem).

I have tried a new video card, and tested the RAM/Video Card in another computer, they work fine. I have un-plugged everything from the motherboard (And removewd the board out, to make sure no shortage was happing. I then just had the CPU/FAN's 1 Stick (of working) RAM, and the Video card (also working) in the AGP slot (and put the monitor and power cord in). I also reset the CMOS jumper and tried a different power supply. It still would just turn on the lights but no beeps and black screen would just sit there.

There isn't much that can be wrong with it now i am thinking, It has to be the CPU or Motherboard (but i can not test these with my other computers, since i have no combatable CPU for this motherboard). I have also looked for burst Capacitors, but can't really see any problem (not too sure what to look for with the CAPs).

So my computer details are as follow, any help with fixing my Mobo or CPU (or know wihch one is the problem) would be a great help.


MSI MS-6337 LE5
Intel III - 1GHz
256 RAM (working)
Nvida Geforce2 (working)
Power Supply (working)
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Old April 30th, 2005, 12:26 AM
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Have you tried a new monitor?
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Old April 30th, 2005, 01:31 AM
Cody314 Cody314 is offline
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yes, I have tried two monitors.... My main concern is that there is no POST (bios info doesn't come up, and there are no beeps. So if it was a Video card (or monitor problem) i would still get the beep code saying "Video Card problem, 3 quick beeps), or the 1 beep code saying everything is ok.

But no beeps occur, (nothing). I still think it must be something wrong with mobo or CPU... not too sure how to fix or what to do other than by a old replacement cpu and/or motherboard.

I tried the "hold power button for 5 secs" and removed battery for 10 mins, replaced battery, reset CMOS jumper and restart, same thing.


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Old April 30th, 2005, 03:05 AM
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how u doin

the caps would be bulging at the tops,do you have the brand name and model #
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Old April 30th, 2005, 03:09 AM
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I recently had the exact same problem. Computer worked fine but suddenly, when I reset it it wouldn't turn back on. It never even got to the bios (I tested this by removing all my memory no noise or anything) I ended up simply flashing the Bios. This completly fixed the problem. Since then I can reset it as many times as I want and it always boots right back up.
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Old May 1st, 2005, 02:05 AM
Cody314 Cody314 is offline
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Location: Vancouver, Canada
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The caps all seem fine... no bulging...

And I have reset bios (Reset CMOS jumper you mean right?) I have had this happen with another computer once, when BIOS was loaded wrong. (and it started up to a black screen. I reset CMOS and it fixed it... but this i do not think is the same problem...

I haven't tried anything new since I can't think of anything to do that is new... Still think i will have to rather buy a compatable mobo or CPU to test it out... which I do not want to put the money in for... I would hope it was a CAP problem... but they seem find to me...

When you say "Flash BIOS" i think ya mean "Reset BIOS" (CMOS)... Flashing Bios i use to do when i was "upgradeing BIOS version"... but i do not htink i can flash bios when the BIOS doesn't load up (so i can't get to A: drive or anything....

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