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Old July 27th, 2007, 07:57 AM
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Hard drive/ IDE shenanigans

comp stats
Vista home premium
desktop: HP6110n
2GB ram
PS2 mouse/KB
integrated nVidia 6150 graphics
motherboard ?

i recently bought a new computer and want to put the HDD from my old computer into this one. i am having some trouble wrangling the connections, however. Both the older HDD and my DVDRW use IDE connections (i'm fairly sure) the newer HDD uses SATA (pretty sure) (but the new HDD doesn't really matter)
pic here to confirm these really are IDE ports (this pic not my computer BTW)

am i right? Are these IDE?
my computer only has one IDE port, and it is currently being used by my DVDRW. the IDE cable that came with the computer had just one plug on each end, no master slave stuff.
however, the cable used to connect the HDD in my old computer has 3 plugs on it, master, slave and motherboard. i did do some research to try to solve this myself, but got confused.
here's a diagram of what i think I know about master and slave and stuff.

am i right?

here's what i did before, to temporarily connect the old hard drive.
1.i totally took the New 2 ended IDE cable out of the case.
2.connected old 3 ended IDE cable to mother board
3.Put HDD in 2nd (empty) DVD/CD ROM bay
4.(see diagram 2 above) connected Slave/middle Plug to old HDD.
5.plugged in power to old HDD
6.connected Master/end plug to DVDRW
7powered up, machine didn't recognize either thing.
so i unplugged cable from DVDRW and then it worked fine...
then i decided to try using end plug in just HDD, to see what would happen. nothing did. it didn't recognize the drive.
unfortunately, i have a more pressing need to have a Disc drive than a 2nd HDD. so out went the old hard drive, and it is now sitting in my basement. I would like to use it, though, seems like a waste just sitting there. also my old hard drive has Win XP home on it, and i am just confirming that it is not possible to boot that up, correct?

In short, i need to connect a DVDRW drive and a HDD using 1 IDE port and a master/slave cable.
unfortunately, it's kinda short, so i may end up just getting a newer, longer cable, like here
i could get a new PCI card that would add a new IDE slot, like here
or do you think i should get an external Had drive enclosure?
OR can i solve this problem with using what i have?

I am going to post this now then quick open up my CPU and have a looksie to see if i forgot anything, and ill post right back on if i told the truth or not. good night!

P.S. could someone explain to me what RAID means and what it does? thanks, RT100
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Old July 27th, 2007, 08:30 AM
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The cable is one thing, But the jumpers on the drive is the other part of what is needed to be configured for the master / slave. On the back of the DVDRW drive, There willm be a set of pins, 2 of them covered with a jumper. Make sure they are on Master (usually labbeled). Also, Check the HDD jumper pins are set to slave (label for jumpers usually on the HDD). Sounds like you have them both set to master, which is causing the issues.
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Old July 27th, 2007, 09:15 AM
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Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 10
i opened it up, and figured that out actually for the Hard disk, but i'll go do that too for the DVD.
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