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Old September 11th, 2020, 06:34 PM
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Can't find the answers

Publishers, and Steam, are ignoring this query

Game is called: Battlefield Gothic Armada 2.

Win 10.
Playing on Easy setting.
First scenario after tutorial.

Publishers, and Steam, are ignoring this query

I have reinstalled the game, and have checked file integrity.
I have google searched game forums.

thanks for taking a look. It will reduce confusion if you NAME the number of the question you are answering.

1. How to totally and permanently remove this Easy Cheat software that
everyone says constantly crashes the game? Bear in mind I know NOTHING about computers. I intend to only play solitare, never multiplayer. I dont' need anticheat software, or want it. I want/need a ONE BUTTON "turn off this garbage" solution.

2. How to save a game while INSIDE a scenario/mission? Having to start from the very beginning each time I fail is EXCRUCIATINGLY frustrating.

3. After the tutorial, first mission. Why does my ship handle like a pig stuck in mud, while the enemy ships fly like race cars on amphetamines?
Why do the enemy ships fire at huge range every five seconds, while my huge ship fires maybe once every ten minutes, and never seems to be in range? What is the exact meaning of the blue circles, and why wasn't this explained inside the tutorial?

4. How to change torpedoes so that they make intuitive sense? not take five hours from the time you hit the launch button to the time they finally begin flying? How to select how many torpedoes to fire?

5. Why are all enemy shots unerringly homing shots never miss me? But mine miss all the time?

6. How do the enemy ships have unlimited fuel to move and maneuver, while mine is used up within ten seconds?

7. Why does the "increase your range" button do absolutely nothing? why does the "increase reload speed" do absolutely nothing?

8. Why can't I choose between torpedo types? No matter which button I press, BOTH buttons grey out after firing. If there are two types, why can't I fire one, then fire the other type immediately afterward?

9. What kind of retard would design a ship without any ability to fire to the rear? The enemy ships literally fly circles around me, firing from out side my range, and I cannot turn fast enough to get facing.

10. When the "fire to the front" button is chosen, no weapons ever fire!! why?

11. How to set the speed even slower. The slowest speed, only fighting one on one, is still too frantic, too much to manage.

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