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Old September 6th, 2008, 05:25 AM
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Help Accessing websites trouble shooting

I had no clue where to place this please forgive me if this is not the correct forum.

I have to explain this please bear with me.

A while back my online business partner who lives in CA would have about three days where he would not be able to see our sites that where on one or another server.

Meaning - I have two hosting sites, with two different hosting companies not related to each other.

When this happened to my business partner I could see all sites just fine.

Then all of a sudden he could not......We never found out why.

Now my clients in my state cannot see their sites nor download emails, but yet I could. We have only two choices for internet service here.....

I have vortexwireless the clients have duo-county dsl two totally different companies.

I could see the sites just fine but they could not.
Now today I cannot see the sites either so now I join my clients with this.

I have a ticket into the hosting providers, but I wanted to check here to see if anyone would have any idea as to why people in a certain state cannot see their sites like us but others in other states can see them just fine. Even the hosting company can see them as well they are in GA.

I have called friends in CA, IN, Maryland, Texas they all see the sites just fine.

Like I said I have a ticket in with our hosting provider they are trying to figure this out. But I figured if any one has heard of this before or had a good idea what would cause this it would be some one here.

Thanks in Advance,
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