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Windows XP Problem solving for the Windows XP Operating System

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Old June 6th, 2007, 09:47 PM
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Unhappy Blue screen making me blue

Hi All,
My puter was fine one night then crazy in the morning. Getting blue screen with messages like...Windows has shut down to protect your computer...and suggestions to virus check and about any new hardware or software changes made.Never made any new hardware or software changes.

Tried format and reinstalling Win XP...wouldn't go. Can't get my puter to load, format, or reinstall WinXP. Can't even get the C:\ or A:\ only cdrom works.

Tried two other harddrives with the same result. I then tries all three harddrives in another puter with them still giving the same errors. Now my other puter's HD is giving the same message and acting the same way. So all I get when I try to boot up eithet PC is the blue screen with any of my harddrives.

Any chance I am passing a virus around my puters and Harddrives? If so, how does one get rid of a virus? Many thanks in advance.
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Old June 7th, 2007, 03:55 AM
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You may need to repair your BIOS because that is what the machine needs to read before starting the system. But I'm ahead of myself.

Back-track and see what you were doing prior to the night-morning in question. That can help you determin if you indeed are passing a virus, and if so, using an antivirus program is usually the best choice. I would use the drive as a slave on another puter and try to innoculate it from that one.

If you are reformating, re-installing windoes from a CD you had used before, I seriously doubt that you are infecting your drives. I mean, why had that same instalation disk never given you trouble before?

Now... does your drive make unusual clicking noises? As if it was continiously trying to re-spin to adequate speed?

If the clicking noise is the case, and worse, in all three drives, then something is messing up your HDDs' spindle, and if it the installation CD is the one you've used sice you got your system, then it is NOT a virus.

Ok, so it is not a virus, noclicking noises...

I think the reason you are not able to read A: or C: is because your BIOS may be damaged.

You may need to look at the MoBo's manual to locate the following: MoBo's jumper and battery.

Get the BIOS battery out, then change the jumper's possition, then wait for 30 secs.

Re-locate the jumper to its initial position and re-insert the battery. Boot.

If that doesn't work, I would take it to a computer repair shop where, mind you, they will ask you the same q's you read here, and will prolly do the same I suggested. See what they tell you, unless someone around here can help you. It is always good to get a second oppinion.

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