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Old September 11th, 2020, 06:51 PM
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Seeking a Sledghammer

Looking for universal software that will turn Button Mashing games
into Turn based games.

For example, the frantic game Company of Heroes is supposedly Real Time Strategy, but built into it is this function:

You can pause the game, scroll around the map, assign orders to any and all units, unpause, and units will execute the orders.

That is what I want for ALL games, with one simple click of a button.

I don't have the attention span of a crack smoking rodent, or the reflexes of a ten year old boy. I'd like to play something such as DC Legends at a human pace.

I can't memorize that many keyboard commands, or respond as quickly as a computer can, at the speed of electricity.

Senior citizens GREW UP with games, and should not be defecated upon as a worthless demographic.

Without "those old people" there would not even BE any superman, batman or computer games.
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