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Windows 8 Problem solving for the Windows 8 Operating System

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Old March 19th, 2016, 01:22 AM
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need help! blak screen and now locked drive

OK Several month ago I had a probem probably due to W10 and I retrograded to 8.1 then got black screen. back then managed to get ack on and fix with the help of a tech guy website help.

ok since tuesday I had a balck screen. I have a recovey cd but for some weird reason it didnt work for like 4 hours then worked or doing recovery it worked once(refresh) so when I was online I did a bunch of upgraded on drivers, checked for viruses in cases and then shut the computer. now since then no more luck. I can press f2 and get into bios. I can hen choose cd and get into recovery options but none work (can go into cmd, but refresh doesnt wrk get drive lock or to redo chekcdisk(which I already did wit hno luck) and redoiong drive either as it now says enter partition disk.

and now it says that my c drive is locked. cmd:I did diskpart.exe and know I am not only read only.

did bootrec.exe ( told to do so on a website) and still no luck. was told to remove the cable of the drive for 10 mintes and restart. still no luck.

I only have this really old laptop right now that barely let me use internet so I can post here.
How do I first unlock drive. then how can I manage to restart computer^ it is clear it is a windows boot or windows problem...I ran avg disk rescue and memeory test was fine.

please hlep me I will folloe any other steps you can send me to be able to get this to work.
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Old March 30th, 2016, 11:04 PM
JoeMcDonalds27 JoeMcDonalds27 is offline
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If you are using PCIE SSD, below can be found the data recovery solution, because no other solution works. Tried so many, too many actually.

1.) Insert a spare drive in your PC.

2.) Run the clean installation of win 8 on that drive.

3.) When logging into Win for the first time, install the PCIE SSD drivers.

4.) Run "chkdsk F: /f". F: denotes your PCIE SSD drive after its driver installation. It could be another drive letter.

5.) Now if you use Command Prompt you can see the files on the PCIE SSD. If you use Eplorer it will not be possible.

6.) Find a good recovery program to recover the data on the external drive. Or if you know DOS commands use those.

7.) Clean install win 8 on PCIE SSD and format the old spare drive.

Joe McDonalds | Tech Support
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Old March 30th, 2016, 11:25 PM
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dont ahve spare drive or computer. right now running on ubuntu sa have access to internet
cant run windows 8 again, was trying to download it to maybe do aclean wipe...as if I try to donwload dvd I get this error message.(please see posted pic)
this computer came with 8.0 was upgraded right away to 8.1. I have my original dvd wont work either.
Found an 8.1 windows. BUT it goes all the way to updates (so veryfying files, installing features, updates) then it blocks there and I get anerror message that says someting like Windows cannot update the computers boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed.


so how to fix thsi boot^
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