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Old February 5th, 2006, 05:49 AM
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Can't scroll game to the right, game minimizes when clicked

Alright, I'm recently having a problem getting my mouse to scroll to the right (I know, the problem sounds absurd). What I mean by that is, when I'm in a game of some kind, and I move my mouse to the right side of my screen (obviously intending to move my screen that way), it doesn't go. I can scroll to the left just fine, but imagine playing an RTS when you have to click the mini-map every time you want to go somewhere except left.

I've used different mice but it still doesn't work. I've used USB and ...the other type of mice (round and rectangle). Anybody care to guess what's going on? If I remember correctly, it used to work fine. This is about a 3 month problem.

When I click on the right side of my screen (like when the cursor goes off the map, when normally it'd start scrolling in that direction) it exits the game, as if I'd just clicked one of the taskbar icons. For this reason, I think maybe the game screen just isn't going far enough to the right? It's almost like when I go to the far right, it stops being the game, and becomes just normal windows background, because when I click it exits immediately (minimizes it as if I'd just clicked on another minimized program). I know it was an absurd thought, but changing the screen display (moving it to the right) didn't help

Thanks for any advice.


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Old February 5th, 2006, 06:27 PM
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What resolution is your desktop running at? What about the game? Does it only happen for one game, or several? Try updating the graphics drivers.
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