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Old March 21st, 2003, 07:55 PM
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Unhappy Hard Drive Failure - HELP!!!!

I recently formatted a hardrive that I recieved from someone who had updated there harddrive and no longer required it. I copied all data from my old partition D: to a new drive - Now D: , and deleted old partition D:
Old Drv<---C:---><------D:------>

Old Drv<-----------C:----------->
New Drv<-----------D:----------->

The new drive had been working fine for about 10hrs, but made a 'clonk' noise, and XP displayed a Blue screen message (something to do with KERNAL) and shut itself down before I had chance to write up the message. On restarting, nither of my drives were detected so I took the new one out and had a look. I restarted the PC with just the old drive C: (holding the OS) and all worked fine, but when looking at the new drive I noticed that a small IC chip on the back PCB had a dent and looked as though it had 'popped'.
_| |_
_| XXXO |_
_| Damaged chip |_
_| Looked like this |_
| | | | | | | |

Well anyway, Data from over 10 years ago have been past down to this dive, Music, School work, Images and all sorts that I realy cant loose and I have no backups since I had only just replaced the drive! HELP!! PLEASE???

The new drive is:

I have tried ever web site possible but none even tell me if the data is forever lost, or if the problem is only in that IC chip.
I have some knowlage of electronics and am very advanced in computers, but I dont want to do anything to damage it.

I have many other 10G drives but none have the same type of board on it. Can I swap disks without damaging it???? Or use a different type of board???
Please Help.

Thankfully - Lee Chappell
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Old March 21st, 2003, 10:20 PM
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If it is only the drive controller board that is bad, you could replace it with another board that is EXACTLY the same, including firmware revision level. If you can't find a drive like that, there are data recovery services that can probably get the data back for you, but they won't be cheap.
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