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Thermite does an outstanding job of wiping hard drives.
I think maybe zipulrich is a closet Pyromaniac.
Originally Posted by Digerati View Post
LOL So does a 16lb double jack.

Back in the day when getting rid of drives that might contain sensitive information and before we got a drive shredder, if a faulty drive could not be accessed to be properly wiped, we would drill 3 holes through the drive platters, then finish it off with the sledge hammer.
The old "Drill holes through the drive", is always the most excepted way of destroying hard drives.

But, I was requested to do a more through job, on one Hard Drive.
It came out of a government owned computer.
The computer was being sold off to a private individual.
Thus, The old hard drive couldn't go with it.
I was instructed to follow NSA guide lines on Hard Drive disposal.
This entailed cracking open the drive, and removing the platters.
Then the platters are to be ground to dust.
The dust is collected and put into a zip lock type bag.
You send the bag to the NSA where they will store it.
Then when they have accumulated enough bags, they will be put in to a incinerator, completely destroying it.

Makes me ponder as to what kind of secrets the hard drives had on them,
for the NSA to take such stringent disposal procedures.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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