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I ran into that browser product, Brave, a bit back when I was doing my most recent research. But I don't let the adverts on sites bother me so much, when I do extend my reach into sites where they like to put up the adverts.

Well, that might just be it. Most of my time is spent doing research and that is a lot of .edu sites and they don't do much of that advert stuff. I do go to that YouTube place sometimes, but I don't let their adverts bother me so much. As somebody else wrote around here some place, folks need to make some money.

But a few times I have noticed that YouTube allows adverts to pop up within a couple of minutes of a video starting and then maybe another few minutes and another advert or two together, and that seems a tad excessive. You'd think they'd be a bit more clever with what they allow, but I don't suppose I care enough to go bugging anyone about it.

Anyway, on browsers, I think two key points are do we have control over updates/upgrades and how much of the unit's memory is eaten up by a browser. Or I think some folks refer to how much CPU resources are used by a given browser.

One area I am seriously weak in is those little Star Trek machines and browser work associated with one of those little handheld machines. I know diddly squat about those little things. They are way too small for me and my old eyes.
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