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Originally Posted by SpywareDr View Post
Redirect your time and energy toward something useful?
Now that is unkind. I wonder if Wilbur and Orville were ever told that?

I know I was, early in my career, when I expressed a desire to complete a university degree in electrical engineering. I was told, by someone who should know, that I'd be wasting my time. I believed them and gave up attempting such an ambition.

It was only many years later as a mature adult, redundant from my old position I decided to again try. I succeeded, obtaining both a BSc and a Masters in IT.

I walked straight into a well paid job, but age precluded me from leaving that job, on retirement, (due to reduced remaining working years) with a small fortune, as would have happened if I'd not had my dream knocked out of me at a younger age.

It's Me, you go for it, remember everything that's been invented, designed or built for the first time has never been done before.
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