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Why would it be in my interest to think about creating my own web browser?

But I suppose that was suggested because I need to upgrade my writing skills, in view of the possibility that you gathered from what I wrote that I have something against folks' need to earn income.

On the other hand, you seem reluctant to answer the question in that post you felt needed your response.

But that is very likely my fault, as noted, and I should apologize that my communications skills are so awful and I will add to that which is in my first post by clarifying my primary point as being how about we be told the truth? Why does it seem the management of certain companies feel that the earning of income needs to be hidden behind the idea that a particular upgrade is primarily for reasons of security, if that is bogus?

Is it bogus?

Create a web browser, eh?
Sorry, but I pay people to do things like that. I've got much bigger plans.
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