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About Browsers --- What's the Percentage?

I am not placing this in the tech section for browsers because this is more an opinion piece and sort of wondering who might also be thinking there is more to all this browser upgrading than just security.

My question is what percentage of the upgrading is for security as compared to simply making money?

I am thinking that the need to help companies make money in one way or another is a lot more the point than security.

Now here is one reason I am thinking that way:

If IE11 were so lacking in security then I don't think Google would be allowing us to access our email accounts using IE11. They would simply order us to use an upgraded browser.

But even after March 15th we are going to be able to use IE11 to log into an account, it is just that we will only load the Basic HTML platform.

So the security of IE11 must not be so horrid that Google is that worried, right?

Now I may be missing something or may be completely wrong, but I have this sort of memory of always being instructed that using a new and modern and upgraded browser is mostly for security. It seems security is always the reason I am given. But I have been slowly getting the feeling that actually it is more money related than security, but that the tech giants don't want to admit that.

Faster loading of all sorts of adverts, for example. Faster loading and more loading of links to this and that so as to have people go to some site that maybe they didn't even know about and that caught their eye while on the main site they were looking for but they see that interesting 'something' and -poof- they are off on another thing altogether. And that increased traffic to that other place means money for somebody.

Anybody else wondered about this?
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