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Object: Enter the title of a song which begins with the last letter or number (the digit) in the title of the previous song.


1) Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

2) Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues

  • The first letter in the song title must start with the last letter or number in the previous song title.
  • You may repeat a song title only if the artist is there are many versions of "Louie Louie." This makes it a little harder. So please indicate the artist/groups name.
  • You do not have to boldface the last/first letters.
  • "A" or "The" in the song title can be either ignored or used.
  • Any musical genre is game,whether its rock,pop,classical,gospel,hip-hop,country,New Age,world,jazz,etc. Just be sure the song title/artists name is clear of any forum-banned words.
  • Any song title ending with "X" won't count so try to avoid it. There just arent too many songs that begin with "X". (Ah man!!)
  • Please contain your enthusiasm by posting only one song at a time and wait one post before posting again. See exception below.
  • Exception to the above is if you post a song title that starts and ends with the same letter,you can immediately post again. (Ah a bonus you say)


I'll start with this song

Never Can Say Goodbye - The Jackson Five

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