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Bios update during newer core transition

Yep. Biostar got back to me and said the update for the Richland/Kaveri core was issued 03-17-2015. I got these 07-2016. I thought they would've had the update but must have been from older stock. Makes sense after all I've tried and they both act the same. Not my first time with systematic troubleshooting. In fact, ONE of us should have thought of that.. I'm going to buy a Trinity core and do the update Biostar support sent me. No sense updating this thread, it works or it doesn't, solved or no. Yes, I've done bench boots. I've shunted the cmos pins, pulled the battery and let it sit bare in the box for a while. The errant stand off was a good one though and I could see that being a gremlin for someone. I was just stubborn and wouldn't throw them out. So ~once a year they'd pop into my head and I would get them out and puzzle over them. Fun times. These were good ideas for last ditch efforts at recovering a system though.


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