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I just put them in the closet after I bought them years ago and they didn't work.

Both were brand new in the box.
So you bought them brand new years ago, and they never worked?

Why didn't you return them when they were still under warranty?

While it is possible two new boards can both be faulty from the factory and demonstrate the exact same problem, the odds of that are pretty slim. It suggests something else is wrong - especially since you can't even boot and see into the BIOS Setup Menu.

I note the 6400K and 7670K CPUs are on the QVL but not the 7670. Oddly, the marketing specs say it supports 2400(OC) RAM but none are listed in the RAM QVL.

If me, I would assemble the system outside the case on a large wooden bread/cutting board. If it works, inspect the case to ensure you only have a standoff in the case where there is a corresponding motherboard mounting hole.
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