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Have you tried a Hard Reset?

Start by:
Pull out the CR2032 3V Battery.
Move the CMO's BIO's Jumper from "RUN" Mode to "RESET/Clear CMOS".
Remove all power connectors from the Power Supply to the Mother Board.
Disconnect Cables from All Drives.
Remove all Cards from Slots.
Remove RAM from Memory Slots
On the Motherboard find the Front Panel Header Pins for the "Power On" Switch.
{Pins 15 & 16}
Short the pins with a small flat blade screw driver for 20 seconds.
{We want to make absolutely sure any Capacitors on the motherboard are fully discharged.}

Now reinstall and connect everything backup.
Put the CMO's BIO's Jumper back in to "RUN" Mode.
{Use the "On Board Video" when connecting a monitor.}
Try turning it on.
If all went well, you'll get a boot message about re-doing your BIO's settings.

If not...............
Contacted BioStar about the warranty on the Motherboard,
and getting an RMA for a replacement Motherboard.

Good luck with them.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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