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If you mean how to properly get rid of it in an environmentally safe way, take it to an electronics recycling center. The one in my area will actually pay you a few pennies on the pound for the scrap value of the steel, aluminum and precious metals (if any) inside. They take all electronics except CRT monitors and TVs. They even take drives and let you watch as they toss them their hard drive shredder - pretty cool to watch.

If no electronics recycling center near you, Best Buy will take it and properly dispose of it, along with all your old Li Ion and SLA batteries. Some even take old tube and compact florescent light bulbs.

If you mean how do you get it working with those operating systems, I have no clue if there are no current drivers for it - except maybe in a VM XP environment with W10.

Oh, almost forgot. The recycling center here will not take CRT monitors and TVs unless I pay them $10 processing fee for each. This is because there is a tiny drop of mercury inside the cathode ray "tubes". Besides the fact it is very dangerous to pop open a CRT due to extreme implosion/explosion risks resulting in shards of glass flying about, it costs a lot of money to properly and safely dispose of the mercury.
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