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Unhappy How to download/ save my own website asking as a Noob

Basically I can no longer afford my site. I want to keep it dearly but I cannot pay. I am a noob at this stuff but I want to download/ save the site so that when I can host I can just re-upload its contents. Preferably with out having to edit much, but I am not sure if that is possible. I just want to save as much stuff as possible without having to edit and build again.

I would just like someone to tell me as a noob how I could do it. I have heard that HATTrack and Wget are popular choices? But with either one I was hoping to find someone that can explain what to do exactly so I do not make a mistake! Do those programs save templates as well?

I would really appreciate any ideas, comments, or suggestions as my domain will be ending soon!
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