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I've seen this too.......

The issue normally is the bearings on the fan.

Dirt gets in to the bearing, and will cause grinding to happen.
But, in many cases on sleeve bearings, the fan blade shaft and bearing sleeve will get rounded out.
Thus, there is side to side movement of the shaft, which causes it to whine, or buzz.
And yes, by tapping on the fan, or near it.
You can get the shaft to center itself, {for a while} in the middle of the bearing sleeve, stopping it from whining.

That is most common problem.

Not so common is Audio issues.
Check that you have the latest audio drivers,
as well as latest updates for Windows, DirectX, and any audio programs you use.

I've run into bad audio outputs, but a lot of times it was failed capacitors causing a whine from the speakers.
But since you can cause the sound to stop by just tapping on the laptop.
I'm more inclined to think the Fan is the problem.

If the Laptop is still under warranty, bring it in and have the fan replaced,
or get the whole laptop replaced.


Does this laptop have a HDD or SSD Drive?
If you have a HDD.
It maybe telling you that it is: "Not long for this world".

Signed Ensign Tzap

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