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Ubuntu (Primary System, because this ones legal)
MacOSx Leopard (Primary System, that's only if it was legal)
Office 2003 (Word, SpreadSheet, PowerPoint, DataBase)

2 LCD HD Monitor (wired) (The ones similar to Chris Pirillo's)
Mac Sized Keyboard (wired)
Optical Mouse (wired)
2.8 or 3.0ghz Intel Core Processor (x86) (not dual)
Hdd (not sure)
32gb Ram (Way Enough Ram To Do A Multi-Virtual-Boot)
1 GB Graphics Card
Any Ethernet Card
56k Modem
Wireless Network Card
Usb 3.0, 10 Ports
DVD+/-RW/CD+/-RW Combo Drive (don't care about BluRay)
Memory Card Ports
5 PCI Slots
3 AGP Slots

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