Topic: DRM issues?
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DRM issues?

I am trying to transfer music files from an old laptop (win xp sp3) onto my new laptop (win 10). tried via usb then tried burning onto cd.
This did not work, so I connected both laptops via ethernet to home hub and finally managed to connect laptops and put the required music into shared folders.
I can see the files and have tried to move, copy etc the files are showing in VLC, hp media player, windows media player on the new laptop but most wont play. Almost as if they dont exist.

Is there a way to transfer them so I can put them onto discs and mp3 players without having DRM/ASF problems. (vlc raised this problem as win xp never advised the issue just closed the disc then shut down)

Is the issue drm/asf related or is there another way to do this without the original discs. They were loaded on the laptop as back up of the music in case of damage to the discs.

can anyone reccomend a free drm/asf removal tool, I have tried searching but due to poor internet speed this task is becoming tiresome.
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