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Originally Posted by Murf View Post
Welcome to CTH

Look for a folder called Windows.old, it should be C:\Windows.old

In there are all the files from Windows 8 and you should see under users what your looking for.

As for the excel files do a search: Start | Search

Type in .XLS (for Office 97-2003)......xlsx for later

Thank you so much for your help and reply.

When I went to Windows.old and then Users and then MyComp and then i try to open Desktop -- it says "this folder is empty" I fear this is the file I originally cut/pasted to my Windows 10 desktop.

the Recovery folder in Windows.old is also empty.

Other folder options in Windows.old are: PerfLogs, Program Files, Program Files (x86), Recovery, Users, there another folder I can open to hope to find my lost files?
thank you again for your reply!
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