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Help Please, I Lost my Files

Over the weekend I updated from Win 8 to Windows 10. When this happened I had to do a search to find the old files and folders found on my desktop as they were not automatically put on my Windows 10 desktop. When I found those folders it was listed under something like C:\Users\MyComp\Desktop

I cut this folder and pasted it on my Windows 10 desktop. I also added 2 excel files to my desktop. The next morning I turned on my computer and it said the battery was about to die and to plug in the computer and press F1 to start. I plugged it in and hit F1 -- the problem was that the cord was not connected to an outlet that was working (it is an outlet connected to my light switch) and after a few moments, my computer fully turned off. I realized the mistake, turned the light switch to On and then turned my computer back on.

When the computer started again, the desktop no longer had my 'cut and paste' folder "desktop" and no longer had the 2 excel files I saved the night prior to that desktop. When searching for and files that were on my old desktop (in that folder named "desktop"), i now cannot find any.

Under "Quick Access", I found a tab that is titled "Recent Files" and under it, include some of the files in my old 'desktop' and also the 2 excel files. When I click the links, however, I get an error message saying it cannot find the file and it may have been renamed or deleted.

When searched for a restore point, it said that there were not any set up. I did not select the option to return to Windows 8.1, because I did not know if that would cause more harm than good.

I found an option to restore File History - which is part of a help, but the most recent option is Oct 14th, and I have important files saved more recently than that point, though that is better than nothing.

Can anyone please offer me help? thank you in advance to anyone who can!
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