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and for good measure...

It has a activated windows 7 32bit, and I would advise to make a record of the key.
Write it down.
Keyfinder may show a different key than what you see on the sticker if this machine was upgraded/tinkered with (a dualboot is tinkered with...) and you may NOT have the correct install disc for the keys you found.

The nitty gritty, more questions.
Windows disk manager apparently told you something, but does that agree with hardware properties?

Hey, a few screws loosened, and eyeballing the rig inside can tell you a LOT.
Does that match with what windows hardware properties tell you is there?

and please tell us if you would be able to do a clean install (the retrieved keys may match install media you have laying about, or with a legit fresh key if things do get south while you attempt to get rid of previous owner's tinkering.)

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