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Linux Mint and Zoom (failed)

My desktop and laptop don't support Zoom backgrounds; the chips are inadequate according to Zoom.

I was hoping to try Zoom with Linux Mint thinking that the open source version might allow what the Windows version does not. My computer is dual bootable.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance. Zoom isn't in the repository despite its usefulness the world at the moment, so I went to Zoom's site, and I followed Zoom's instructions exactly -- there being no mention of restrictions on the kind of chips you are using -- cutting and pasting the various codes into the terminal. I clicked install, watched it install, get basically to the end of the install, and then spectacularly fail to complete installation. Several times.

So now Linux Mint is useless. I'd like to get rid of it and replace it with another flavor with two caveats: I want it in the same place and install it without taking any risk of data loss on the Windows side or fooling around with partitions.

I knew at one time that was possible, though a difficult job. Has that changed, and where do I get instructions for that task?

And is there a distro that has Zoom built in and is capable of utilizing the background feature on an older PC or laptop?

I'll note in passing that I didn't see Slack or Teams as part of distros either.
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