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Originally Posted by Ned Seagoon View Post
This is not difficult if you use Firefox as your browser, (method is different with other browsers).
Navigate to your site, click the applications menu (three lines top right) Click save page as, (HTML) make a place to save it and you're done.
Nites2k, Don't waste your time with the above "suggestion". These days there are very few "pure" HTML websites, and I doubt very much that Bluehost would have that type of web page on their servers, hence the reason for IPR512 and myself giving you the best suggestion/s under the circumstances. Even if you were to go by the above "suggestion", all you would be able to download is the coding, any pictures/images would be able to be downloaded. Also if your web page was built using a CMS or a blog system etc, there would be files needed to be download, that aren't seen through the above "suggestion". The links in the other posts above, give you very straight forward instructions, they really are easy to follow.
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