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Originally Posted by Nites2k View Post
Basically I can no longer afford my site. I want to keep it dearly but I cannot pay. I am a noob at this stuff but I want to download/ save the site so that when I can host I can just re-upload its contents. Preferably with out having to edit much, but I am not sure if that is possible. I just want to save as much stuff as possible without having to edit and build again.

I would just like someone to tell me as a noob how I could do it. I have heard that HATTrack and Wget are popular choices? But with either one I was hoping to find someone that can explain what to do exactly so I do not make a mistake! Do those programs save templates as well?

I would really appreciate any ideas, comments, or suggestions as my domain will be ending soon!
This is not difficult if you use Firefox as your browser, (method is different with other browsers).
Navigate to your site, click the applications menu (three lines top right) Click save page as, (HTML) make a place to save it and you're done.
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