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Murf, Thank you for your quick response, neighbor - I am in NOVA - and link to manual: you pushed me look for my copy because it did look familiar, but maybe I am confusing that manual with the original monitor manual. The original monitor died nearly 10 years ago. I have to check that out-of-reach box. Yes I was correct I have the Operating Instructions for the Digital Multi-Scan Color Display (MDSP14901) [that was a beast of a monitor]! I will have to read the manual that you found at that old Intergraph support site. I have been able to get into the PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility, but now with the manual that you found gives me a better chance. I opened my Command DOS prompt earlier because I was working on some of the audio; I wanted to check the version of DOS and when I am at the [C:] and enter <VER> I only receive a Windows version and not a DOS version.
I thought that would be the correct manual, but I think it is for a different system. I found my "TD-2x, TD-22x System Guide, document number DHA022040".
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