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What is the Com A error when booting PC

I am rebuilding a very old computer, but was cutting edge when it was built by Intergraph in the mid 1990's. I was fortunate that I purchased it for a very good deal as I was an employer with Intergraph at the time. I am rebuilding or reviving it because I will give it to my Father [don't ask, but it will be perfect for him and to lure him out to the internet]. When I set it up for my Father it will used as a standalone workstation in his home office. I started reconfiguring it on Thursday, April 30th because my 2nd oldest computer's - WinXP Home - HDD crashed and I am waiting for the manufacturer's warranty to send the replace HDD. I saw a challenge when I saw my old ICS-TD25 sitting tucked away under my desk, but elevated off the floor. I tried installing Win98 and WinNT with the emergency repair disks; the computer would power up, permit me to initiate the installation of each OS, but when it rebooted neither OS would appear. I would receive a message that my computer has "No OS Installed". I finally pulled out the old user manuals , but it did not provide any additional information. However, I remembered my ICS-TD25 came with Win95. I found the original old Win95 Boot Disk and I found the original Sound Blaster SB16 CDROM. To my surprise I was able to reinstall Win95, but with a few problems that I am still troubleshooting.

What is the Com A error when booting PC?
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