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But I will add that the latest update from M$ tries to trick users who have opted for a local account, into setting up and switching to using an M$ sign in.
Oh? I have 5 W10 systems here, all using Local Accounts and all fully updated. And I've seen no updates try to "trick" or "deceive" me into switching to a MS account. I have seen prompts asking if I wanted to change, but always with the readily apparent option to say, "no" and stick with my Local Account.

I note using M$ to describe Microsoft suggest a bias towards them - intended or not. Of course Microsoft is in it for the money. It is not a non-profit charity. In fact, the company has a responsibility to turn a profit for its shareholders.

No doubt back in the day, Microsoft wanted to rule the world. But contrary to what many think, they learned their lesson about corporate greed when Congress and the EU threatened and came very close to splitting Microsoft up into tiny pieces, Ma Bell style, if they didn't change their monopolistic ways.

They are not the greedy beast they used to be. Look at the prices for Windows. Windows 3.0 was released way back in 1990 and cost $149.95. W10 today, 30 years later, costs $139 (cheaper if you shop around). $150 in 1990 would be over $300 today. And note Windows 3.0 required you buy (IIRC, for another $30 - could have been $50) and install DOS first!

I say, bash Microsoft when due - I do as I did in post #29 above when this thread was necroed (again). Certainly there are plenty of legitimate complaints to criticize them for. And certainly, we are all entitled to our own opinions, and the Right to express them. I didn't spend 24+ years of my life in the military defending our Rights only to trample on them.

But we are not entitled to our own set of facts. So let's verify our facts to be sure we are being truthful before posting - so we only bash when due, and so we don't contribute to the spreading of falsehoods. That's all I'm saying.
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