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Before posting your logs and seeking help in the Cyber Safety Forum, you should know that this site does NOT help anyone we suspect has obtained software illegally and any such topics will be closed without any further discussion. You should also know that some software you may be asked to run will identify pirated software and cracks. Additionally, in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you, we may be forced to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you).

Therefore, if your malware problem is the result of an illegal download of a file, software package or crack from a website or using a p2p program, do not waste your time and ours. Our best advice is to reformat and purchase the music, movie, game or program you stole.

In the instance that illegal software was downloaded and installed by a minor, relative or friend - Dad, Mom or Owner, please click here for more information regarding software piracy.