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Malware Removal Forum Guidelines - Please Read

Administrator, Moderator, MVP or Malware Removal Team Advisor

These are members who are very experienced working with spyware, malware and PCs in general. You can feel confident following any advice given.

Malware Team

Members with this title are trained in malware removal and their advice can be trusted.


Because of past issues with inappropriate advice being posted, topics in this forum are to be answered by the above member groups only! Any advice posted by members other than those in the above mentioned groups will be deleted without warning.

Any person who is already trained and approved for malware removal work elsewhere, and would like to join the CTH Malware Team, please contact one of the CTH Moderators via PM or email. When doing so please include information about the location of your online academy, as well as links to other forums where you already assist in malware removal.

If you are new to the CTH Malware Removal Forum and wish to request assistance, please follow the guidelines below, and someone will respond to your request.

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