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I really wish the politicians in this country would stop trying to lull the population into a false sense of security, by telling them everything is OK and this will pass. Don't know what's happening elsewhere but here they are intent on opening up and suggesting we can all go about our normal business, with caution, while all the time the case numbers are climbing at an astronomical rate. To top that off people are dying, and they are not just the old and infirm. I see in today's paper another case of a fit and health young man popping off from covid. see
Family and friends are in shock following the death of 23-year-old James Kondilios after he tested positive for COVID-19.

The science graduate and sportsman was double-vaccinated with no underlying medical conditions.

He died at St Vincent's Hospital where he had been receiving treatment.

In a social media post, his friends said his death was a reminder that COVID-19 can hit even the young and healthy.
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