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Thanks, that worked, with a caveat.

Originally Posted by Jaytee View Post
The first entry is 0 , second Entry is 1 and so on..
This instruction didn't mention that the number you enter when making the change is the ordinal on the the list of possible OS's that appear when the computer boots up to grub, and that list doesn't appear on screen as you try to manipulate the order, so people, write down the ordinal of the one you want to change it to before you proceed to the mechanics of making the change. As it turned out, Windows was about the sixth OS on the list, so changing the entry to 1 doesn't do it.

Also, the instructions of the process as you do it are less than clear. The instruction to save the changes read as ^X, which I thought meant literally type in "^X" when the instruction really was Ctrl-X.
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