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Originally Posted by zipulrich View Post
According to the link you posted, you already have an SSD installed. So I guess yeah, you can install a bigger drive, make it your boot device, put your OS on it, etc.
Yes, and I agree that you can put in another SSD.

The current SSD in your system.
{If the information in the Link matches your system.}
Should be more than fast enough.

Before you go and slap in the new drive.
I'd check how your system is currently configured.

Is the 16Gb SSD your Boot drive{C:\} with your {OS}Operating System on it?

Are you running Anti-Virus/Firewall and other App's that load and run at startup?
{These can really slow down a system.}
{Firewalls like Zone Alarm have "Application Control", that can slow down things when a "Trusted App" doesn't have full authorization.}

When was the last time you cleaned out old Windows Restore points, and Defragged the HDD?
{Note: Windows 10 automatically does defrags of HDD's.}
{But, most Gamer's shut off the automatic feature, because it can interfere with the games that they are playing.}
{Thus, they manually Defrag the HDD themselves.}

Or remove old junk files from the HDD?

Signed: Ensign Tzap

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