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Here in Australia the problem is almost under control. We have one state with a high local transmission rate, Victoria, where lockdown has just been reimposed. However this is just for the residents living in the 10 postcodes affected which are all suburbs of Melbourne.

Seems the problem arose due to the lack of strict procedures by some security guards employed in quarantine hotels. These places were set up by the Victorian government for returning residents from overseas. The army have now been brought in to police these places and nursing staff have been recruited from out of state to assist in overloaded hospitals. I hope they can soon get this under control. The International airport in Melbourne has been closed so as to not add to the problem.

Here in Queensland, restrictions are being relaxed with state borders to be opened from 10 July to all other states except Victoria. Those entering will need to sign a deceleration that they have not been in Victoria during the last 14 days. $4000 fine for making a false deceleration. People can attend church and that other Australian religion, football.
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