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Originally Posted by Murf View Post
Com A error when booting PC?

You need to get into the BIOS SETUP, older computers usually the "Del" key or sometimes the first screen tells you which key to hit.

Com=Communications can be a modem error, serial port error, printing port error.

This is a manual I found.

Hit DEL to enter BIOS Setup

Under Peripheral you will see OnBoard Serial Port, if your not using a serial port (say for printer) then disable them.

1. To run Windows 98 you will need drivers and they may be hard to find.

2. If the Windows 98 is the "Full Version" then you cannot just upgrade, you would have to format and install Windows 98 as a clean install.

3. If you have enough space on the drive (A 2nd partition) you could dual boot 95/98.
Murf, Thank you for your quick response, neighbor - I am in NOVA - and link to manual: you pushed me look for my copy because it did look familiar, but maybe I am confusing that manual with the original monitor manual. The original monitor died nearly 10 years ago. I have to check that out-of-reach box. Yes I was correct I have the Operating Instructions for the Digital Multi-Scan Color Display (MDSP14901) [that was a beast of a monitor]! I will have to read the manual that you found at that old Intergraph support site. I have been able to get into the PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility, but now with the manual that you found gives me a better chance. I opened my Command DOS prompt earlier because I was working on some of the audio; I wanted to check the version of DOS and when I am at the [C:] and enter <VER> I only receive a Windows version and not a DOS version.
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