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Perfect timing! Thank you for your help.

I will go to the Black Viper site now before I attempt anything else.
Since re-enabling everything, I'm contending with persistent lock-ups, even Task Manager doesn't want to wake up and do its job.

The following may not make sense; I'm attempting to discuss technical issues without knowledge of the lingo... bear with me.
What I meant by a program being "crippled" is that: although set as manual in the start up classification within msconfig's "Info" layer, (that's accessible by right-clicking any of the files listed in either the Services or Start Up tabs) - once started via the Start Menu, it tends to kick out errors or it simply won't run properly. That the only way that some programs seems to run cleanly is if allowed to be an integral part of the systems basic operation; i.e.: having automatic start up status. Windows Media Center has behaved this way for me in the past, as has iTunes. So, my question was, is there a known glitch or quirk within some programs that makes them unstable if the User modifies any aspect of their command within the systems software environment? If so, is there a way around that or is a person best off just leaving them alone if they bawk at setting changes?

After I spend countless hours examining Black Viper's rankings vs my unruly configuration I, no doubt, will ask to pick your brain some more
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