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Red face Running processes - calling anyone smarter than me

I set out a few weeks ago to understand the software loaded on my Sony VGN-N130G laptop running XP SP2. I was having various annoying errors and the speed of the processor had declined; a little poking around and I understood that the main problem was the excessive number of processes running all the time. (I did research each one and determined that they are all legitimate.) I ran all of the normally "first step" utilities and except for some spyware things are clean. I looked at a couple of website's forums and learned that I could disable or shut down unnecessary programs or services, disable window components that I don't need, uninstall programs that I don't use, empty temp folders, delete cookies, blah, blah, blah.... I've spent a couple of weeks dicking around with that.
Now everything is so screwed up and I have to admit that I'm just not smart enough to sort through this crap. When I start up the puter I get an error mess that says that I've made changes to the system files and that I need to change it back to the 'normal' boot mode and then it opens up msconfig automatically. So I change it back. Then I go into either Task Manager or WinPatrol and try again to lower the number of running processes --- the cycle repeats itself. I also can't connect to my desktop computer anymore (wireless cable serv). I also have an error mess (wireless switching device) that is new to me just today, that tells me that 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz aren't compatible and that I need to change my systems to the same frequency. ...huh?
I have a gang load of media-esque type programs installed. I don't know which came with the laptop and which came from some other source but they look like overkill to me. I can list them and what I think of each if it's relevent.
One last question: I have Online Armor installed and I think I probably don't need it since I have both Window's firewall and Link Systems router's firewall - (but then I could be mistaken). So acting on the premise that I don't need it, I tried to uninstall it but I get an error mess saying that it can't be done because of some missing file. How do I clear this stuck program?
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