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Question Hard drive replacement

I have an HP Pavilion Laptop 15t-cs200 with Windows 10, 16GB memory..
my operating system is on Drive C which is a local fixed disk of only 237GB size... I had to delete several of my programs (mostly games I had on it) because I ran out of space and updates to windows could not be insalled.. Right now, I only have 8GB free space. I have another local fixed disk that has 931.51GB with 890 gb free space... I have only used about 41GB on the larger drive .... because most data and pictures I load onto an external drive..
when HP built the computer, Drive C with the small amount of space they called "Windows" and the other Drive they called Drive D: "Data" I would rather have the drive with 931GB space as Drive C: Windows and the smaller drive for the data and pictures... so that any programs I load are on the big drive... Can they be changed around.. Or can I get a new drive and replace the smaller one with a bigger one... With only 8GB left free on the C drive, I fear it will reach a point again, where I don't have the room to do updates...

My small drive is WDC PC SA530 SDASN8Y-256G-1006
My larger drive is WDC WD105 PZX-60Z10TO

Thank you
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