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Originally Posted by Ensign Tzap View Post
The Laptop your looking at will work for you.
It will be slow, and even upgrading the SDD Drive will only help a little.

I suggest you look at the Multitasking Laptop.
Core i-5 8th/10th Gen, or Core i-7 6th/7th Gen Intel processor.
Display 1080p.
{Camera spec's are not listed, but hopefully it is at least 1080 x 800 resolution.}
Max out the Memory to 16GB.

Then go through windows settings, and shut off anything that your not going to use.

This hopefully will work much better for you.
And you won't need to do any upgrading to it for awhile.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
Thanks for your time. I am checking few other variants as per your suggestion.
Can you suggest anyone from the below list as they fall in my budget.
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