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Here is a video that shows a S-ATA&IDE to USB2.0 connector being used to clone a SSD drive to a larger SSD drive.
He is using different software for the cloning process.
But that shouldn't matter.
I have the kit I mentioned so can I use that or can I connect the new ssd to one of my usb 3 ports for the transfer, in which case what is the actual cable I need to get?
If you want the cloning process to go faster.
Then upgrade the S-ATA&IDE to USB2.0 connector to a S-ATA&IDE to USB3.0 connector.
So you can use your USB 3.0 ports for making the transfer go faster.
Otherwise, you can use the older S-ATA&IDE to USB2.0 connector, it just will take long to do the cloning process.
Also, as I already have an ssd, I am assuming I won't need to update any drivers?
That depends....
If the new SSD is not made by the same manufacturer.
Example: 1st SSD is a Toshiba, and the 2nd SSD is a Samsung.
But Windows will Auto Detect the SSD, and automatically setup the Driver for it. So, no worries there.
Finally, do I need to disconnect all the other drives in my system before doing the update?
No, you shouldn't need too.
Just connect it up to the USB 3.0 port or USB 2.0 port.
{Whichever S-ATA&IDE to USB connector adapter you have.}
Windows will automatically detect the drive.

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