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Hi Ann Marie,

Sorry for the delay in responding, my sons had this computer tied up for a few days (since theirs isn't working right now).

I didn't understand that logs weren't 100% representative of a hard drive's health; rootkit problems or overwritten Windows files are new concepts to me. I am going to boot the desktop pc in safe mode and note my findings; I'll get back to you with the results.

This pc seems to be performing just fine now with the exception of the fact that it is still abnormally slow to load open programs, especially Firefox, in spite of the fact that I did uninstall Spyware Doctor as per your suggestion. Whatever we did last week seems to have corrected the cause of Avira's constant alarms.

However, I have a reoccurring problem with the cursor jumping during typing to a specific spot. Is this something that I should seek help for in the Windows forum? or software?? I also need some advice on reducing the number of running processes on my pc. I have a lot of programs that duplicate functions and would like to pare them down to the minimum necessary. Again, would that be a task for your software forum or Windows??
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