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please help me smurf---you know me --I think?

Mr. Smurf.
You have helped me greatly in the past. Could you give me another shot?
I bought anouther puter. I still can"t get it to do any better than the other three. It's because I don't know what I'm doing most of the time.
Could you tell me how to dump or whatever I need to do ,to get the page wiped clean and start over with a clean slate as far as loading 2000 pro back on.
There's nothing I want to keep except STOMP ,so I can make copies of the C.D.s I like to listen inside my little office as well as inside my house, which are less than 50 ft' apart.

If you will ask, I will tell you my system capabilities, or what ever. Then maybe
you can make an informed decision.

If you can help? This dumbass fireman would greatly be thankful.

Thank You
Robin Bradford
Peckerwood Al.

Edite out your phone number. Its not a good thing to post your phone number in public like this. Could cause some problems.
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