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My broken one was $700 (12 yrs ago), which was loaded for my design work with memory, etc, desktop.
All I need now is good OS, T storage, I have screen, etc, but if all in pkg that is ok.
I saw rebuilt Dell on Amazon with lot of extras, for under $400, but again I am far from expert on anything to do with pcs.

If you just know of pkg deal that would suit that would be nice.
I have been looking sams, Walmart, dell, amd, amazon, etc, no rush, I have this small laptop that does most of what I want if I use usb with large storage.
I just like desktop better, old fashion me, ha ha.
thanks again , for all the help, pray you all stay away from covid. Thank God we have a daughter that lives close by and brings us what we need, etc
We do get out to mow yard, etc, and talk to neighbors at a distance.
take care, HT
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