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This latest blue screen occurred after did the repair disk and farbar logs.. was just browsing minimally.. a couple of chrome tabs went oh snap and then bsod. Thought it might be helpful info so included what i could from the viewer..


Tried alot of vpn software to find something that was fast, free and unlimited.. only using the ProtonVPN..

uninstalled all of the ones on your list as well as:

VPN Free- Betternet
FreeVPN Proxy Unlimited

All of the uninstalled VPN software were chrome extensions.. there are a bunch of other unused extensions that can also be deleted.


Matter of fact there is bunch of software on this pc that I don't use.. the plan was to uninstall everything unnecessary in preparation for SSD upgrade to windows 10


Arcsoft is a photo/card printing software that i think came preinstalled from Dell... or might have been part of the Canon printer software bundle.. uninstalled it.. gave a message saying that may no longer be needed but may prevent other applications from running correctly - uninstalled it too.


As for other programs to uninstall:

Uninstalled all of those on your list except for Google update helper.. couldn't find it.

For Adobe flash player: uninstalled:
Adobe Flash Player 32ActiveX and
Adobe Flash Player 32NPAPI

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